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Samsung Hub for Connecting Multiple Room "SHAPE" Speakers

Samsung Hub for Connecting Multiple Room "SHAPE" Speakers

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Part Number:WAM250

The Samsung WAM250 SHAPE Wireless Audio System allows you to integrate your music around your home. Whether it s a single speaker in one room, a multi-room system in two rooms, or every room in your home, it s never been easier to immerse yourself in your favorite tracks and sounds.

The Hub, a small stand-alone box, works along with an app to allow you to connect multiple speakers into a multi room system. By simply plugging the hub into your router and connecting via the app, you can connect, group & control your speakers to customize your music with great flexibility to fit your life.

Play your favorite song in one room, children's music in their playroom or bedrooms, the same song across all speakers, or any combination that fits your moods, all easily controlled through the app. If you love music, bring this unit home and enjoy your favorite tracks and sounds surround your lifestyle as you please.


  • HUB network audio player
  • Wireless home audio system
  • Connect with multiple speakers to create multi-room system
  • Monitor and control with an integrating app
  • LAN cable and power adapter included
  • Can be positioned anywhere in Wi-Fi range
  • 2 Ethernet switches
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3 or above and Android 2.3.3 or above


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